Even 25 Cups of Coffee a Day is Safe - New Research
By admin - November 7, 2020

Coffee lovers can breathe a sigh of relief – even large amounts of coffee do not hurt the arterial system, according to new research.

Until now, there have been conflicting reports about coffee: some studies have suggested its benefits, while other researchers have advised us to drastically reduce the amount of coffee. It was thought that coffee reduced the elasticity of the arteries, which increased the risk of heart attack.

A study by the British Heart Society does not support this view. Observations of more than 8,000 people have found that those who drink 25 glasses a day are no more at risk of having a heart attack than people who drink less than one glass.

The researchers monitored the heart condition of the study participants with infrared pulse tests and magnetic resonance imaging. Other factors were also considered: age, sex, origin, smoking, weight, blood pressure, diet, etc.

Although some of the people surveyed drank 25 cups of coffee, the average rate of coffee consumption was 5 cups.

“The main message from this study is that coffee can be a part of a healthy lifestyle, and coffee lovers can no longer worry about heart condition,” said Kenneth Fung, an analyst at the University of London. “You should drink 25 glasses. If you follow the recommended amount, you will not have any complications.”

So after this article you can boldly pour coffee. Scientists also agree that doing so will do you no harm.