Everything Remote Workers Need To Know Beforehand
By admin - September 20, 2020

Sitting in pyjamas with a cup of tea…
Working without leaving the sofa…
Sounds like the idea of heaven, doesn’t it? Well, it does sound attractive, but it is actually a way harder than one could have imagined.
In fact there are many distractions you might encounter while doing WFH (work from home).
There are some very important things you need to consider while working from home:

Stay in Touch

Sometimes it happens that many self-isolated remote workers start working from home with all the sudden. It causes concerns with them as if they lose their connection with the outdoor world. What you need to do is:

  1. Plan to keep in touch daily;
  2. Use video chats as much as possible to communicate directly with colleagues and teammates.
  3. Have a work-buddy and plan the working load out with them. Check on each other’s daily achievements and encourage each other;

It’s a fact that the demand for video conferencing services is increasing worldwide.

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in China, 22 times more people have been using Sisko’s Webex video conferencing service. Like several other competitors, this company has updated its terms of service in response to increased demand. As a result, anyone who signs up for a 90-day free offer can enjoy unlimited service; The maximum number of participants in the conference has increased from 50 to 100.

Rival Zoom also offered users an improved version of its free video conferencing service. Now, in addition to providing employees with unlimited one-on-one meetings, group sessions can accommodate more than one hundred participants, and the time limit of up to 40 minutes has been lifted.

Protect Your Privacy.

This reality of working from home has created an attractive target for hackers who, no doubt, have the potential to steal important information and commit online fraud.

To ensure information security, most companies use a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt the connection from the employee’s computer to their company’s IT system.

If you are going to work from home, it would be a good idea to check the reliability of your internet connection. In self-isolation, it is also worth making sure that your home internet provider allows you to connect to a VPN. And if that is not the case, then either you will need to upgrade the package, or you will need to turn on your mobile hotspot or use a router.

Anyone who works with colleagues in different locations probably already has experience working on documents shared online. Slack, for example, is a secure instant messaging platform that offers file sharing and video calling services and wants to “replace email.” It currently has about ten million users.

Build your own self-discipline.

But what if you find yourself distracted while working from home? Eating, playing with pets, and even household chores may might look more attractive than your actual paid job.

In that case, Focusmate will provide you with an “accountability partner”. The partner you will find, is also doing WFM. You connect with each other with computer cameras. Then you start working. If you randomly stand up and start walking back and forth in the room, probably nobody will say something to you, but you might seem a bit strange in the “co-worker’s” eye.
To avoid critics, you will try your best to accomplish your working goals.
As the Focusmate team said, it helps customers to protect themselves from procrastination.
Indeed, social pressure is one of the most powerful ways to generate motivation.

When there are so many technological opportunities at your fingertips, you might even wonder if you will ever need to go to the office. “One positive side of this situation may be that employers are convinced of the benefits of creating a flexible work environment,” Ford says.

Eat Healthy.

Woman in home office surrounded with digital technology eating sandwich

Maybe it’s time for you to take care of your diet, huh?
Get your friends and family eat healthy with you and share your diets. Your body will thank you later!

  1. It’s easy to get lost in the working stuff and ignore the hunger pangs, just 2 minutes and I will order some food/make my lunch. Who are you lying to? That procrastination will last forever and ever. To avoid that, set an alarm for each meal and try to follow it daily until it becomes a habit of yours.
  2. Put a water pitcher on your working table and set a goal to yourself to drink this pitcher!
  3. Set yourself a snack time. Control the amount of daily intake of sweets.
  4. Ask yourself: Am I actually hungry? Sometimes you feel bored and confuse it with hunger. Stand up and move around, then ask yourself again.