Everything Remote Workers Need To Know Beforehand
By admin - September 20, 2020

Sitting in pyjamas with a cup of tea…
Working without leaving the sofa…
Sounds like the idea of heaven, doesn’t it? Well, it does sound attractive, but it is actually a way harder than one could have imagined.
In fact there are many distractions you might encounter while doing WFH (work from home).
There are some very important things you need to consider while working from home:

Stay in Touch

Maybe it’s time for you to take care of your diet, huh?
Get your friends and family eat healthy with you and share your diets. Your body will thank you later!

  1. It’s easy to get lost in the working stuff and ignore the hunger pangs, just 2 minutes and I will order some food/make my lunch. Who are you lying to? That procrastination will last forever and ever. To avoid that, set an alarm for each meal and try to follow it daily until it becomes a habit of yours.
  2. Put a water pitcher on your working table and set a goal to yourself to drink this pitcher!
  3. Set yourself a snack time. Control the amount of daily intake of sweets.
  4. Ask yourself: Am I actually hungry? Sometimes you feel bored and confuse it with hunger. Stand up and move around, then ask yourself again.