Excess Mortality Reveals The Pandemic's True Burden
By admin - November 21, 2020

Based on data from the CDC, it was noted that in addition to coronavirus-induced deaths, mortality in some demographics has generally increased compared to the previous year. The authors of an article published in Public Health say that the “increase in additional mortality” is linked to the impact on COVID-19 society.

According to researchers, mortality in the US has increased significantly among men aged 15-59 and women aged 25-44. No one knows exactly what the result of this increase is, although researchers say that during the pandemic, additional mortality is likely to increase even more.

It is possible that in pandemic conditions, people are less focused on their medical needs or many cases of COVID-19 simply go unnoticed. Strange in the statistical analysis is that mortality is reduced in girls aged 5-14 years.

“We have the only explanation for this. Mortality in this age group is mainly the result of accidents (such as accidents), the closure of cities seems to have had a protective effect on young girls,” said study co-author Sheldon Jacobson.

Researchers have not stopped monitoring CDC data and are urging various institutions as well as public health officials to make coronavirus-related mortality information more accessible to better understand the indirect effects of COVID-19 on mortality and quality of life.

Researchers suggest that because of the pandemic, people are less likely to visit hospitals and undergo the necessary tests. It is also possible that increased mortality is associated in part with deteriorating mental health. It is even clear that by specifying the causes of increased mortality it will be possible to save more people.