Exercises to do at Home
By Rachel Jones - May 8, 2023

Are you looking to start your fitness journey but don’t want the commitment of a gym membership? Well, then you will be pleased to know that you can in fact work out at home. That’s right, many people think that in order to be fit they need to sign up for a gym membership but that’s wrong. The fact is you don’t even need to have a fully equipped home gym to workout. All you really need is a few exercises and well-commitment. That’s all. There are in fact a number of different exercises that you can do all from the comfort of your home.

Getty Images/ Moment/ Halfpoint Images

Now you may not need a fully equipped gym to work out at home but you will need a few of the basics. This includes a mat that aims to support your body when doing floor exercises, a water bottle so that you can stay hydrated while working out and a towel that you can use to wipe off the sweat. See that’s all you will really need. Now on to the exercises that you can do. The first exercise is very simple, we are talking about jumping jacks. Jumping jacks have proved to be very effective while working out. They also help get your heart rate up.

Speaking of getting your heart rate up another great exercise to do is skipping. Now you may think that skipping is only for children or that you need a skipping rope but you are wrong. You don’t need a skipping rope to skip. Simply jump and move your hands as if you had a skipping rope. Next, you can do a few squats. Squats target your glutes and your legs. If you do enough of them by simply using your body weight, you will start to feel the burn. Lastly, you can always go for a walk or a job.