Facebook Bans Holocausts Denial Content
By admin - October 13, 2020

Facebook will delete content about Holocaust denial. The social media giant says its new policy bans any content that denies or distorts the history of the Holocaust.

According to the company, the decision was made after it was documented that anti-Semitism has increased in the world. However, the social network cites an example of a poll where a quarter of 18-39-year-olds think the Holocaust myth is an exaggerated story or they are not sure about it.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg said he “fought
“Between freedom of speech and expression and the horrors of the Holocaust, the damage it can do to its denial.”

Two years ago, Zuckerberg said that posts with similar content should not be automatically deleted because someone made a mistake.

“I am a Jew and there is a group of people who deny the existence of the Holocaust. I take this as a deep insult. But I do not think our platform should open it because there are some things that different people are mistaken about,” he said at the time.

After Facebook changed its policy, Zuckerberg said his views had also changed.

In addition to deleting content, by the end of 2020, all users who search for terms related to the Holocaust or its denial on Facebook will be converted to trusted information by the platform.