Facebook Begins Merging Instagram And Messenger Chats In New Update
By admin - October 6, 2020

Facebook has taken another important step towards merging its text messengers. From September 30, some users will be able to use the integrated version of Instagram and Facebook Messenger – the feature will be gradually available to all users. With the launch of the cross-platform messenger, the features that it has lacked so far have shifted from Facebook Messenger to Instagram DM.

Self-destructive messaging, selfie stickers, personalized emojis, chat colors, a flexible unwanted speaker lock system, and a “together listening” feature that allows users to organize a joint display during a video call – all of which will now be equally accessible on Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

You must agree to this upgrade when you first log in to the platform before activating the integration – that is, the integration is voluntary. The chat also integrates with the Instagram and Facebook user search system – users will be able to opt-out of this integration at any time.

According to CNN, this integration has been tested in only a few countries so far. It is also currently unknown when the planned integration will take place on another Facebook communication platform – WhatsApp.

The integration of the platforms was announced by Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg back in 2019. Especially in the case of WhatsApp, this is a big infrastructural difficulty because the service works by the method of transparent encryption. Regulators are critical of such large-scale integration and see it as a threat to monopolize text media.