Famous Gay Penguins Have Become Fathers For The Second Time - Video
By admin - November 29, 2020

After gaining public awareness in 2018, a pair of gay penguins at the Australian Zoo have now given birth to a second chicken.

Spin and Magic’s desire to become parents was first noticed by Sydney Zoo caregivers when they started arranging a nest during the breeding season.

Unfortunately, biology did not allow them to have children, so the staff gave the couple a toy egg to test how much they wanted the gay penguins to take care of the child. When the penguins proved they would be good parents, the aquarium staff replaced the toy eggs with real, unattended eggs.

Spen and Magic took great care of their eggs and in October 2018 they gave birth to their first chicken, Lara. Two years have passed since then and another new member has been added to this happy family. During the last breeding season, the couple cared for another abandoned egg, and their chicken is one of the nestlings of Gentus penguins hatched in the subarctic zone of the aquarium last month.

A Sea Life spokesman told the Sydney Star Observer in an interview that penguins sometimes lay too many eggs or fail to pay enough attention to each of them.

Lena, a two-year-old from Spin and Magic, feels very good with her parents, and she “surprises the staff on a daily basis with how independent she is.” During this year’s mating season, he tried to arrange a nest with the couple, however, unfortunately, the couple failed to hatch the egg.

In all likelihood, Lana will try this again next year, and the zoo staff is looking forward to seeing for themselves whether Spen and Magic will give birth to a “little grandson chicken.”