Fantasy Books to Try Out
By Penelope Trent - May 23, 2023

Jennifer is the perfect author to read fantasy with romance in it. Her ongoing series ‘From Blood and Ash’ which is a fantasy story about Poppy who is from birth seen as the maiden and has to be sacrificed to the gods. Poppy has never known a world outside the palace walls. There are two types of people: the wolf and the ascender. When her hot and smoky bodyguard starts to question her about her identity and her past, Poppy realizes that all she has ever known is what the walls of this place have given.

She needs to go out and start searching for the truth if she cares about her people. Hawke is not what he seems to be when she finds out that Hawke is a wolf and was trying to kill the lord. This story is full of plot twists and an amazing writing style to this imaginary world where poppy fights for the good and tries to limit the war and its effect. Another fantastic fantasy book is ‘Six of Crows’ by Leigh who is just fabulous at writing amazing content. Kaz Breaker is the main character who had a very hard childhood and gathers a team of talented people Inej, Nina, Mathias and Jesper. They plan an impossible heist in order to stop the war from destroying many lives. The book has cliffhangers and found family tropes. Nobody can resist this book after reading the first book and will patiently wait for the second book. Kaz is the mastermind behind their plan, Inej is best at navigating and climbing, Nina can control the functioning of anyone’s heart, Mathias is the one with physical power and Jesper is great at knives. Together they face the challenges that come their way to stop them.