Finding the Job You Want
By Marc Gordon - March 17, 2023

Finding a job in today’s economy can be very difficult. Either you do not like the job, or the recruitment department is not impressed enough to hire you. Many people end up finding no way out of this conundrum and spend their entire life at a job that they have no interest in, and deeply dislike, only for the sole purpose of maintaining a steady paycheck. If you do not want to waste your life away, then there is still time. Being a little proactive and planning out your moves ahead of time can deeply enhance your career prospects.

The first thing that you need to remember is to never shy away from investing in your education. Keep in mind that education does not only have to do with getting a degree. Indeed, the degree plays a huge part and the institutes you pick for your education will play a huge part in shaping you for your future but all the same investment in your education also means investing in your grooming. Your degree means nothing but a piece of paper if all you have is bookish knowledge and have no idea how to implement that knowledge. You need to learn the soft skills of communicating with people, working efficiently, leading, and working in a team, as well as understanding the corporate culture and how to maneuver around it.

The next thing that you need to focus on is putting in the legwork. Sometimes in order to get the job you really want, you need to spend some time doing the job you don’t want just to show people how much you want it. For example, unpaid internships sometimes do not have a lot of learning in them and you might see them as useless, but if you are able to get these things on your resume then you are off for the better.