Flex Your Creative Writing Muscles
By Marc Gordon - December 27, 2022

We always have something on our minds, which may be both pleasant and gloomy, whether we are strolling, eating, lying in bed, or enjoying our leisure time. So why not put these ideas down in the form of a short tale, poem, or piece of poetry? Documenting your ideas on paper has several advantages, from receiving praise for your modest efforts to perhaps achieving success in creative writing. So, let’s examine areas where creative writing can be advantageous for us.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Plume Creative

Firstly, a narrative is rarely entirely realistic. There are usually some fictitious components in it. Thus, even if your writing is realistic, you’ll have to include fantasies, and to do this, you’ll have to use your imagination to develop new worlds, scenarios, and people. This will help you think creatively, and come up with innovative approaches and well-thought-out thoughts, all of which will improve your brain’s ability to process information and help you to develop one of the most crucial cognitive abilities “critical thinking,” which is essential for both your personal and professional life. Secondly, writing about fictional characters or places will give you a good dose of empathy and compassion for those who are different from you and who don’t have a place to live as you do. So, this will instill empathy in you, which is important to maintain good connections, determine your success in personal and professional interactions, and increase your positive outlook on life.

Thirdly, since the writers will have to include so many new words, it’ll expand their vocabulary. Moreover, since the authors learn to comprehend the perspectives of others, it becomes easier for them to explain and debate other people’s difficulties from diverse vantage points, thus enhancing their communication skills. Above all, writing down your ideas on paper is helpful for your physical, mental, and emotional health since it can release stress, prevent you from dealing with it, and helps you avoid serious illnesses.