Gal Gadot To Play Cleopatra In Patty Jenkins Movie
By admin - October 12, 2020

Gal Gadot The woman transforms the bow of the truth of wonders into the golden crown of the queen.

The rising Hollywood star confirmed in a post on his personal Twitter account that he will soon star in a new film about the legendary Queen of Egypt.

“You probably already know that I’re working with Pete Jenkins and Laeta Kalogrid to bring to life the story of Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, in an impressive way we’ve never seen it on screens before. “Involvement,” the actor wrote on Twitter.

It should be noted that this project will not be the first collaboration between Gal Gadot and director Patti Jenkins: it was Jenkins who shot the DC blockbuster Wonder Woman.

As for Laeta Kalogridis, she will be the screenwriter for the next film. Until now, he has worked on the screenplay for Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island, and at the same time was the executive producer of the Netflix series Altered Carbon.

The next film will be a modern version of the famous historical drama Cleopatra (1963), directed by Joseph Mankevich and starring Elizabeth Taylor.

This news indeed delighted Gal Gadot fans, but her approval of the role of Cleopatra also drew criticism: some viewers believe that the role of the Queen of Egypt should not be played by an Israeli actress.

For example, journalist Zamira Khan writes that this role was to be played by an actor of Arab descent:

“Shame on you, Gal Gadot. Your country is stealing Arab lands and you are doing the same: you are taking over their roles,” the post reads.