Gay Malr Penguins Steal Eggs From Lesbian Couple at Dutch Zoo
By admin - October 26, 2020

Gay penguins do not waste time.

A gay African couple of gay African penguins who stole an egg from a heterosexual penguin couple at a zoo in the Netherlands last year became known to the public, this time owning an egg from a lesbian duo, as DierenPark Amsersfoort wrote on Facebook.

Getty Images/Moment/David Merron Photography

Speaking to Dutch News, zoo animal caretaker Sander Drost said gay penguins take turns laying eggs to keep them in constant heat. However, Drost said the eggs are infertile and are unlikely to hatch because they were laid by a pair of lesbian penguins.

Earlier this year, Drost told RTC Utrecht that the father penguins were quite dominant:

“Every couple in the mansion has their own house, but this couple owned two houses.”

In November of last year, gay penguins stole an egg from a heterosexual couple, though it did not hatch and the gay couple has not yet raised a child together.

“Most species of penguins are monogamous throughout their lives and usually cross once or twice a year,” said Marilyn Zuck, a professor of ecology, evolution and behavior at the University of Minnesota.

Scientists do not know how common homosexual couples are in penguins because these tiny creatures all look the same in the wild, however, according to Zook, it is definitely observed in zoos.

This is not the first time a same-sex couple has stolen an egg from another duo.

Two years ago at a Danish zoo, another pair of gay penguins kidnapped a small bat while his mother was swimming. After heterosexual parents began searching for their bat, he returned to his biological parents.

In addition, in July last year, a pair of same-sex penguins, Rocky and Marama, became known for adopting a bat at the London Sea Life Aquarium. The mother penguins hit the media again a few months after they became the world’s first “genderless” penguin in their 4-month-old nasher.

Zook believes that a pair of same-sex African penguins simply want to start a family together.

“Being nothing more than being in a relationship and growing up with a bat is one of the key aspects of being a penguin,” he said.