Giving Your Brand A Personality
By Alexandra Wade - June 7, 2022

A pioneering concept in consumer psychology, the best way to develop a brand is by giving it a personality. Almost like human personality. The primary and most essential concept of this is that it helps potential customers align their own personalities with the products of the brand, convincing them to buy the product. This is a modern and contemporary marketing technique too. Because any company can put up shiny billboards and spend thousands of dollars on advertisements that feature the most popular celebrity. However, the real challenge is to be able to connect the consumer to the product. To convince them to buy the product, almost to a point where they believe the product is a need. Not a luxury. Brands that are able to achieve this are able to maximize their profit margins and sell their products at skyrocketing prices. This can be seen in the case of Apple Inc, the technology brand.

Getty Images/Getty Images News/Drew Angerer

The new iPhone released every year is more expensive than the other. This is also true in terms of Apple watches and iPads. In fact, Apple convinces you to buy products you do not even need. This is especially true in terms of iPads, Apple convinced the world that tablets are a necessity. While most consumers realize they are not, albeit after purchasing them. The same was true once Apple released its famous AirPods. Wireless earphones have been around for quite some time but no brand was able to convince people, around the world, that wireless AirPods need to replace wired earphones.

How has Apple managed to do this? By giving it’s brand a personality. A story that people can resonate with. Steve Jobs always had a narrative to tell, of how Apple came about. The struggles it had to endure before it finally prevailed. It’s the kind of story people like to hear- everyone loves a hero. Then through its unparalleled marketing strategies, Apple has been able to distinguish its brand from its competitors, making it a status symbol.