Google Plans To Require 6-month Certifications Instead Of University Degrees
By admin - October 1, 2020

Technology giant Google has said they will accept Google Certificates in exchange for a university degree, in which potential employees can take a six-month course to prepare for much-needed professions in less time than is required for university education.

Upon completion of the qualification, successful students will receive a Google Career Certificate, which the company will consider as equivalent to a four-year university degree in the same positions.

The price of the courses is not yet known, however, considering the price of the company’s existing certifications, it will cost around $ 300, and Google has already announced that it will award 100,000 scholarships.

These courses will develop successful students with the skills needed to work in high-paying fields and have the growth potential. In this online education, Google employees teach topics such as data analysis, project management, and customer experience (UX) design.

With these programs, students acquire the skills needed to get a job. No degree or prior experience is required to take the courses. Take, for example, Yves Cooper, who “Five days after the end of the program, he was hired by a non-profit organization as an assistant IT specialist in his hometown of Washington,” wrote Kent Walker, senior vice president of international relations at Google.

The transition from traditional academic degrees to other qualifications is linked to the existing critique of degrees, according to which the financial burden of several-year courses often places huge debts on students even years after graduation.

Lack of a job or a normal salary guarantee sometimes puts students in a worse position than before. In contrast, the goal of the Google Career Certificate is to prepare students for immediate employment in exchange for only a very small fraction of the time and cost of traditional university degrees.