Handball - A Must-Play Game
By Claire Miles - April 8, 2023

Handball is an outdoor game that comprises seven players officially, including one goaltender and six outfield players; however, while being played for practice or amusement, the game can be played with any number between four and seven. It is an enjoyable game that is thought to be often played all over the world. It keeps a person physically and intellectually fit, just like any other game. Let’s examine the benefits of cricket in more detail.

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Tom Werner

First and foremost, you must continuously sprint between the net goals while playing handball to stop the ball and prevent runs from being scored. Therefore, running frequently can help you build your endurance and maintain a healthy weight. Secondly, since you must keep an eye on the ball when throwing or catching it, playing handball helps you improve your hand-eye coordination. Thirdly, the game demands a different set of muscles when you throw or catch the ball. As a result, the game promotes muscular growth and gives the body its ideal shape. Additionally, playing handball gives full-body exercise, improves hand and foot agility, and helps you stay fit as you age, among other physical advantages.

Since playing handball demands concentration and focus on the ball, it has the physiological effect of enhancing your mental focus. Additionally, playing handball can help you deal with stress and anxiety since it gives you the ability to interact with others, which can improve your mood, foster a sense of belonging and security, and make you happy. Playing handball also helps a person’s mental health because it boosts focus and attention span, which keeps the player engaged and raises their optimism and sense of well-being. Therefore, you must play handball if you also want to maintain your physical and mental health and want to spend quality time with your friends.