HBO Sets The Premiere Date For Season 2 Of His Dark Materials
By admin - October 14, 2020

The HBO series His Dark Materials will return in November with a second season and new episodes.

The series, which premiered on HBO in 2019, received quite warm reviews from critics and fans. It was soon updated for a second season, the first trailer of which was still out in the summer.

According to the official Twitter page of His Dark Materials, the series will return for a second season on November 16th. New episodes will be released on HBO and will also be available on the network streaming service, HBO Max. This announcement was accompanied by a new poster for the second season:

Most of the show’s original cast will return in the second season as well, though we will also see new faces in it. It has already been announced that the cast will be joined by Terence Stamp, Jade Anouka and Simon Kirby.

The official review of the second season of the show is as follows:

The second season of His Dark Materials begins after Lord Azriel opens a bridge to the New World, and Leira Azriel, confused by the death of her best friend, follows in the footsteps. In a strange and mysterious abandoned city, he meets Will – a boy from our world who also escapes a difficult past. Lyra and Willie discover that their destinies are intertwined and intend to return to Willie’s father, however a war breaks out around them and on the way they are constantly hindered. Meanwhile, Miss Colter is looking for Lyra and plans to bring her home at any cost.

Fans will be able to answer the questions posed in the first season on the second season of His Dark Materials from November 16, 2020 on HBO.