How Has The Music Industry Evolved Over Time?
By Alexandra Wade - July 22, 2022

Everyone enjoys music. People may have preferences for different genres but all the same, they enjoy the basic essence of music. Be it on a road trip, at a party, at the gym, or just casually while relaxing after a long day, music has become an integral part of our lives and therefore there is a huge demand for new music in all genres that appeals to people with that specific taste in Music. Having said that, artists and music creators from all over the world target the global market and try to reach as many people as possible. How they do this has evolved over the years.

Getty Images/Moment/IronHeart

At one time, the radio and cassettes were the only way for people to get their music around. Then came the trend of music videos that added some glamor to the tunes. Music began to appear on televisions with channels specifically designed to present music. At the same time, when the use of the internet had increased rapidly increased, music videos started gaining popularity on platforms such as YouTube, as well as downloadable music online. For a long time, YouTube was the most convenient and popular platform to listen to your favorite tunes. That was until the creation of new platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

With these platforms, the entire process of delivering music evolved to a great degree. Now, thousands of artists are registered on these platforms, and listeners are required to pay a monthly subscription fee, just like they would for their television sets. The platforms allow for easy access to music of everyone’s choice and preferences. It presents global and regional statistics with top played and liked songs, as well as individual statistics and data. You can see what song you played on repeat, what songs you enjoyed the most, and even suggestions for music based on your taste. These new platforms have made new music much easier to access and the evolved the music experience to a new level.