How to Effectively Form a Routine
By Rachel Jones - May 22, 2023

We have all been stuck into situations where we can not focus on the job we are assigned to. It is because at times we are so burnt out that our body refuses to cooperate. Another important thing that people fail to acknowledge is the effort that people have in different time spans with different attention spans to focus on studies. Thus, it is necessary for people to plan ahead of their commitments to avoid stress.

To begin, it is necessary that you pick a routine, be it morning or the evening. You should know if you are a morning person who can wake up early and focus on studying or if you are a night person who needs absolute silence to focus. Thus it is necessary that you pick a side. After you have done that, get yourself a daily journal. Write your everyday goals to save yourself from the hassle of overthinking during the day. Make sure that you set realistic plans for yourself as otherwise you will be so exhausted and even feel demotivated as you wont get the serotonin of fulfilling the tasks. You can also divide your everyday time more effectively by ensuring that you do not spend your day procrastinating. Make sure that you spend the time with utmost honestly. Be aware of the ins and outs of procrastination. If you are struggling with it try getting a few self help books on it. This will help you to do better self analysis and you will be much more self aware of the time and energy you are putting in. The grind does not stop here. The main goal is to ensure that whatever you do, you are consistent with it as consistency is the major goal.