How To Embrace A Clutter Free Life
By Jade Kerr - January 1, 2022

Marie Kondo is the queen of organization, but that’s not all she is. She is a regular human, married with three kids, and gets messy just like the rest of us. She is the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, as well as the star of the Netflix show Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo. The tidying up guru is now sharing her tips on how to create an organized low-waste lifestyle. Kondo said, “There is a Japanese philosophy known as mottainai, which advocates for minimizing waste in life. The idea is that the longer an object is in your life, the fewer objects you will have to purchase over the course of life. This is one aspect of Japanese culture that I incorporate into my life.”

Getty Images/AFP/Sara Kamouni

Kondo also cooks tidily too. She incorporates a Japanese tradition while cooking by cooking vegetables full, with their tops on as opposed to chopping off their ends. For the parts of vegetables that aren’t edible, she uses them for the flavor to be used for things like soup stock. While maintaining a sustainable lifestyle may be challenging for some people, Kondo urges people to take the first step in living mindfully. She suggests keeping your fridge 30 percent empty, so you can minimize food waste and don’t forget about things sitting in the back of your fridge. When it comes to food storage, Kondo stays away from plastic wrap and foils as much as she can, and uses different sized reusable lids instead.

Kondo explains, “There is a misconception that the KonMari Method is minimalism, but actually I don’t advocate for living with less. Instead, I encourage people to live among items they actually cherish. Taking the time to tidy isn’t about eliminating things from your life; it is about taking the time to evaluate what brings you joy and surrounding yourself with those things.” By incorporating positive habits in your day, and making clean-ups part of your routine, your home can stay clean and clutter-free year-round. Remember, what brings joy to one person looks different for another. So start with what feels right, and everything should fall into place after that.