How to Tell Real Art From Fake Art
By Claire Miles - September 13, 2022

The art world is a billion-dollar industry and for good reason. You see some works of art are so unique and magnificent that you really can’t put a price to them. With that said, you may not know it but there are actually people who create fakes. This is because so many people want to get their hands on valuable pieces of art but unfortunately, they can’t afford to pay the price. You should know that we don’t believe in buying fake art. After all, it takes away from the authenticity of the work. Now you may not even know that you are buying fake art which is why you need to know how to tell what real art is.

When it comes to buying art, telling its authenticity of it is the first step. With that said, there are five key factors that you can look at to see if you are purchasing an original piece of art. The first thing you do to check the authenticity of a piece of art is by doing some research. While researching you should check and see if the piece of art you are interested in is a part of an important collection. Forgers tend to go after pieces of art that are already part of famous collections. If your piece of art is an original, you will be able to trace it back to its collection and where it is being held.

Next you need to ask for the paperwork signed to the art. All great pieces of art have paperwork that supports its authenticity. So try and get as much paperwork as you can. Another thing you can do is buy art from a reputable source. Try going with a gallery or art deal who is well known. Next you can go ahead and check the back of the painting. Here you will see labels from auction houses and galleries. Lastly, if you would like to take things a step further, you can actually have your painting chemically tested.