Hyperrealism in the Art World
By Andrew Parker - October 14, 2022

Different people have different perceptions of art. People use art to express themselves in the most creative ways possible which is also why there is a generalization that artists are some of the most sensitive people in the world. Sometimes viewers are unable to understand the thought process behind certain forms of art but are simply astounded by the beauty of the results and the skill of the artist. That is the case with hyper-realistic art.

Kate Waters, an emerging name in the world of art, has created hyper-realistic paintings of modern city life. Looking at the paintings can leave you speechless and confused about whether it is a painting or the work of a camera. She creates moving art with unimaginable attention to detail that the results make you think it was most definitely photographed by a digital camera, if not something seen with the natural perfection of the human eyes.

Similarly, other artists have created unbelievable hyper-realistic art and while there can be no surety in what they are trying to portray, some of the leading viewers and collectors in the art industry believe that hyper-realistic art is simply what it sounds like. A depiction of reality on a canvas. They believe that the creators hold an “it is what it is” mentality and believe that true beauty lies in reality. Sure, the work of other artists who believe in creativity with imagination can also bring out beautiful pieces of art, but at the end of the day, imagination is subjective and can not be something that speaks to everyone. Reality is far from this. It holds the same understanding for everyone, and being able to capture this understanding with the help of a paintbrush, is most definitely an applaudable skill for artists. If you are an art enthusiast, then you should definitely check out this form of art at the next gallery.