Importance Of UX Design
By Keith Donnelly - May 2, 2022

User experience focuses on how a person feels when interacting with a system; this could be anything, including a website, software, mobile application, or any computer device. UX design, or user experience design, helps optimize the consumer’s experience when using the product and aims to make their customer journey frictionless to increase their satisfaction levels. Focusing on UX design is essential for multiple reasons!

Getty Images/Westend61

The internet has millions of websites on it, if not thousands. And many of these websites offer the same product or service. So how do customers choose which ones to use and which to ignore? Their primary decision-making point is based on which website is easy to use and, secondly, which is more pleasing to the eye. According to research on product design, a well-designed user experience could increase conversion rates up to 400%.
Conversion rates measure what happens once users land on your website. Reasonable conversion rates illustrate that users are satisfied with the website layout and design and hence had a pleasant customer journey.

A strong conversion rate ensures that your company’s revenues are high since good design encourages people to buy products from the website. Investing in UX design is therefore critical to your business’ success.  A good user experience will also help your website land on the top of Google search results, which is something every company desires for. And UX design is the key to achieving that. A good website layout ensures that more customers are attracted to your website, increasing the traffic. By combining UX and SEO optimization, you will forge your way to the top of the results page, far ahead of your competitors. An effective UX design aids your SEO and increases your rankings on search engines.