Indian Police Confiscate 160 Kg Marijuana, Report 1 Kg Only While Selling Off Rest
By admin - October 5, 2020

Delhi law enforcement fired four police officers after they stole about 159kg of marijuana.

Last week, Delhi police officers said four officers at the Jahangirpur police station were accused of making a false statement of the amount of marijuana found and stealing part of it.

According to sources, police conducted a raid in Jahangirpur on September 11 and seized 160kg of marijuana, although the accused police officers stated only 1kg in the official document.

Initially, the owner of marijuana was arrested, but he still managed to pay a bribe to the police. When his guilt was declared, the accused noticed the questionable number indicated in the document, and many did not hesitate to name the police officers who took part in the raid.

As it turned out, the police hid information about the rest of the quantity and sold 159 kg of marijuana.

Based on the findings and the survey report, two Jahangipur inspectors and two senior police officers remain suspects.