infinitSpace, The New Work Space Is Changing The Way We Work
By Jade Kerr - October 5, 2021

Last year, infinitSpace was created by Wybo Wijnbergen, the former Managing Director at WeWork, along with his partners, Wilco Wijnbergen and Elad Hod. This workspace allows commercial landlords to turn the buildings into offices. Its headquarters are located in Amsterdam but plan to expand their business to European countries as well. All three partners saw a need for workspace evolution in order to meet the needs of stakeholders, including commercial landlords, business leaders, and employees. More than ever, the flexible working revolution has gained a lot of momentum, especially due to the pandemic as well as the struggles commercial landlords were facing. That is where the idea for infinitSpace was created: to give commercial landlords the ability to create and be in charge of flexible office space under their terms.

Getty Images/AFP/Sebastien Bozon

The goal of InfinitSpace is to help landlords. This is because there are plenty of office building landlords who want to turn their traditional workspaces into flexible spaces. These landlords are able to control the space, but InfinitSpace does all the behind-the-scenes work. They do this by incorporating modern technology throughout the facilities, which in turn provides the tenant with an exceptional experience while the landlord can ensure he is better serving the growing need for flexible workspaces. But it doesn’t end there. This company is also helping landlords, businesses, their employees, as well as communities. These spaces are here to shake up the mundane workspaces we are so accustomed to and give us inspiration and more engagement with one another.

So what makes infinitSpace different from its competitors? The most obvious difference is the fact that they allow commercial landlords to hold control of their own working space. They also have a unique software that takes care of the facility and office management process, providing the best IT security. In a statement by Wybo Wijnbergen, he explains, “We want to democratize flexible workspace: employees and employers should have access to high-quality flexible workspaces within a 15-minute commute, reducing the carbon footprint. Additionally, the importance of local communities is often neglected in large cities: by bringing together people with different professional backgrounds in a flexible workspace, infinitSpace aims to promote diversity, inclusion, exchange, and economic strength.”