Instagram To Add Keyword Search Feature
By admin - November 18, 2020

Updated search feature for Instagram users. The company has announced that English-speaking users will already be able to search for information using keywords in six countries, including the UK, the US, Ireland, and Canada. Until now, only hashtags and accounts could be found.

For example, if you previously wanted to search for “healthy recipes”, you would only have access to posts marked with the hashtag – #healthy recipes, or variations of “healthy recipes” on accounts. Now Instagram allows users to search for information by keywords. This means that the search will take place even if the information is not marked with a hashtag.

The company said that the new search feature will take into account factors such as the content of the content, captions, and when this or that post was posted. Also, the machine learning method will be used so that the user can find the information of interest to him accurately.

This is a pretty big change. However, according to the company, using the new feature, only limited content will be available at the moment.

For example, with the new search feature you can already find information on “puppies” and “flowers”, but not search for “vaccines”, or you want “Trump” or “Biden”. The new search feature is still quite limited. Nevertheless, by using keywords, people can already search for certain information. This will help the customer to find the new content they need.