Interior Designs in 2023
By Claire Miles - March 20, 2023

People have started to spend exponentially more time indoors compared to our ancestors from a few centuries back, especially with technological advancements that make going out more redundant than ever. Thus, having bright and pleasant indoor spaces that positively affect our mood and well-being is crucial, just like living in poorly lit and distasteful places can make us feel horrible. Developing a well-thought-out and calculated interior can make peoples’ homes perfect spaces for them but transforming an area to tie together the different styles present, is much easier said than done.

In the coming year, we go back to nature for inspiration, with green, rosy, terracotta, and brown colors making an appearance in many ways. Designs infused with organic aesthetics and surfaces taken from the earth like marble, stoneware, and travertine, positioned in various places around the house, will be the highlight of such interiors. Bringing nature’s peace and restorative ambiance is the goal of interior designs in the future, especially with more time spent indoors.

Neutral shades, like beige, will be taking a secondary place in home style trends in the following years, with deep colors and textures making a comeback as people start to experiment after the pandemic. Accent walls with earthy hues such as burnt umber and chocolate brown will come together to present timeless pieces, while monochromatic colors will represent the new digital era, bringing chic and modern elements to the table. Moreover, multipurpose spaces and high-tech gadgets around the house will become trendy as homes convert into second workplaces for many people.

With multiculturalism at the forefront of today’s world, designs inspired by other communities will also emerge in different households. Bold artwork and priceless pieces from various cultures will dominate home interiors, and strong patterns and textures will create spaces that are inviting and intriguing for the viewer. Travel-inspired articles like Afghani rugs and Turkish ceramics will also emerge to show adventure and excitement.
Interior decoration is essential to life, especially now, as people yearn for a cozy and relaxing space at home, with extra hours spent indoors.