Is Parkour A Sport?
By Andrew Parker - April 1, 2022

As a child, you may have jumped from one couch to the other or even climbed on all the furniture in your bedroom. At the time this could have simply looked like a fun thing to do while you were bored. However, there are actually adults who jump and climb from tall buildings. This is called parkour. You may have seen a few YouTube videos of this and simply thought this was something really dangerous. But turns out it is actually a sport.

Getty Images/Image Source/Igor Emmerich

That’s right, jumping from different objects or well using your body to do different tricks from one object to the other is actually a sport. In fact, it is considered to be an extreme sport. This is because there is an element of danger to it. You see, professionals train their entire lives to perform these tricks. But that’s not the only reason why parkour is dangerous. The other reason why it is dangerous is that there are no safety wires or ropes involved. This means that if you fall or land incorrectly, you could seriously injure yourself.

Now, this may come as a surprise but there isn’t much needed to be parkour professional. All you need to do is practice. You see your body well more specifically, your muscles need to become used to the different actions you will be doing. With that said, when starting off it is best to get a coach. With a coach, you are able to perform your tricks with the help of someone who has experience in parkour. Once you have your moves and tricks down, you will need equipment. Yes, equipment. There are specific shoes you need to wear when participating in parkour. These will be shock-absorbing shoes. You will also need gloves that will help you grip onto walls.