KFC Made A Console, For Some Reason
By admin - December 23, 2020

The year 2020 has become even more bizarre as fast food company KFC appears to be releasing a gaming console. Back in June, the company tweeted the so-called The trailer for KFConsole was promised, though everyone thought KFC was just kidding.

KFC recently released another video showing a chicken oven that KFConsole will have. Apart from the impressive 240 fps and 4k compatibility, we do not know many details about the console.

“We all know that console wars are ruthless, however, we are confident that KFConsole will be a worthy candidate. This console can load games at the highest level and at the same time heat your food. What is not to like about this? “How to attach a chicken oven to the console, can contact us.”

Many still believe that KFConsole is just a marketing campaign and the KFC console will never see the light of day, however who knows, maybe the promises will be fulfilled and we can heat the food with the gaming console.