Leaked Meeting: Facebook Working On Device To Read Human's Brain
By admin - December 17, 2020

A number of companies are working on mind reading technology. They want to be able to translate our brain neuronal activity into words with the help of neural interfaces or various devices. It is known that Facebook is working on a similar project.

On Tuesday, information was leaked from a meeting of the company’s employees, according to which Mike Schrofer – Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer, highlighted the recent progress of the company’s neural interface technology – reports BuzzFeed News. It seems that the ultimate goal of the company is not just to create another form of personal data by reading people’s thoughts, but it is also trying to enable customers to mentally control programs.

After the information leak, Schrofer acknowledged that the information obtained from the meeting by BuzzFeed News was true, adding that it would be difficult to sell a similar product.

According to Schrofer, the company should inspire confidence in people about the new product, “it is necessary to get the right, to make this excellent technology available to anyone in the world … and all this without a chance to test the disadvantages,” – said Schrofer.

Facebook has been working on mind-reading technology for years. The company announced in 2017 that it plans to create a headset that will connect to the computer interface via the brain, and in September 2019 acquired CTRL-Labs, a startup working in the field of neural interfaces.

According to information leaked from the meeting, Facebook has made some progress towards achieving its goal, so the dream of being able to control the computer with the mind will soon go beyond science fiction movies.