L'Oréal Offers First Line of Virtual Makeup For Social Media
By admin - November 18, 2020

In a pandemic, cosmetic companies also face strange challenges. Like other types of companies, they have to adapt their product or service to modern, pandemic requirements. Particularly interesting in this regard is the L’Oreal solution.

If other similar companies are taking new steps in the field of e-commerce during the pandemic, L’Oreal has decided to create a virtual makeup line. Thus, preparing for videoconferencing will be much easier, and getting rid of “makeup” will no longer be associated with unpleasant procedures.

The pandemic has already changed our lifestyle significantly, and brands, with different digital solutions, are trying to adapt to this new reality. As part of this effort, L’Oreal has introduced a set of augmented reality filters called “virtual makeup”. Indeed, we have so far been able to test various cosmetics with an augmented reality filter on our face, and we have been able to do so with various applications, including YouTube, however, these solutions were less tailored to the needs of the pandemic.

L’Oreal Beauty Digital Products, or Virtual Makeup Line, in the form of augmented reality filters, is available for free on the following platforms – Instagram, Snapchat, Snap Camera and Google Duo. And the set of filters is called “Signature Face”.

“We believe that you are beautiful, but in a world where the camera is always on, if you decide to play with different filters, we think it is wonderful. It is a completely new experience of modern makeup,” – said in a statement on the company’s website.

l’Oreal has developed augmented reality virtual reality filters in collaboration with Modiface. This is a company specializing in similar filters, which l’Oreal acquired in 2018.