Love vs Career
By Rachel Jones - July 16, 2023

Marriage, Individual needs, the needs of the partner, Priority; these words are some real thought-provoking words that instill a sense of responsibility and duty amongst everyone. Marriage- an added responsibility, a step that needs to be taken with immense mindfulness, a step that according to the norms needs to be taken when one’s sure of their partner, has a settled job and a stable state of mind. “Marriage, according to Britannica, is a legally and socially sanctioned union that is regulated by laws, rules, customs, beliefs, and attitudes that prescribe the rights and duties of the partners.” The “rights and duties of the partners” are a major source of concern and conflict between new and even the pre existing couples.

Defining priorities is not an easy job, it’s like a tiny ant standing in front of large and gigantic mountains, trying to choose which one to climb. Climbing any of them would be a whole lot of task and even facing the path will require extreme exhaustion. Marriage is like a mountain path, despite the type of mountain a person chooses, he/she will have to face the rocky and bumpy road. A relationship is a responsibility assigned to each one of them.

It is a 50/50 agreement in which the both of them have to put their soul and effort in it. Inclining towards individual needs will cause resentment between the couple, which will definitely lead to marital conflicts. A research done by Frank D. Fincham at the psychology department in the University of Buffalo, New York city states, “Marital conflict has been linked to the onset of depressive symptoms, eating disorders, male alcoholism, episodic drinking, binge drinking and out of home drinking.” The research further elaborates that “Physical aggression occurs in about 30% of the married couples in the United States leading to significant injury in about 10% of the couples”