Making Renewable Energy Evergreen
By Laura Lee - March 14, 2023

Living in the 21st century, you’ve probably come across the issues of global warming and climate change. The industrialization going on in the world has increased carbon emissions and the cost of depletion of the ozone layer which has allowed the sun’s harmful rays to enter the atmosphere and result in abnormal rises in temperature. This means that glaciers melt at a higher rate than they’re supposed to and that causes more water to run down the oceans, raising the sea levels and it is not going to be long before entire cities face massive flooding and the loss of life.

One of the largest parts of industrialization that very little affects climate change is the production of energy by burning fossil fuels that increase carbon emissions. alternatives to relying on the burning of fossil fuels are using solar energy for the production of electricity instead. Other options would be installing hydroelectric power plants, and windmills, or making use of tidal waves to produce electricity. Like these, there are a lot of renewable energy resources that can be used as an alternative to something that destroys the planet, but none of them are as convenient as solar energy.

Solar panels can be installed all over the world with even the minimum investment for every household. you could install a solar panel on your own rooftop instead of using the electricity that comes into power lines as a step toward reducing the demand for the electricity produced by burning fossil fuels. Even if the cost is substantially higher, if you have gone through the reports of what climate change is going to do in just a few years then you would know how important it is to bring about these changes and the shift to renewable energy as soon as possible.