Matt Smith in House of the Dragon
By Claire Miles - October 13, 2022

Fans of House of the Dragon laud Matt Smith for his depiction of Daemon Targaryen, who is one of their favorite characters. Many of them claim that his performance is flawless. Matt Smith’s portrayal in House of the Dragon is getting rave reviews from viewers. Fans are praising Smith’s portrayal of Daemon Targaryen after the presentation of the first episode, titled “The Heirs of the Dragon.”

Many people have noticed that although they had their doubts about the actor’s hiring at first because of his underwhelming performance in Morbius, his presence in the Game of Thrones spinoff is acting as a type of atonement. Social media was used by viewers to express their delight with the small screen adaptation of Daemon, praising Smith’s scary and captivating portrayal of the character.

Netizens are giving House of the Dragon favorable reviews, calling it Westero’s triumphant comeback from the fantasy universe created by George R.R. Martin. The show’s continuously captivating script, which they noted as uniting the greatest aspects of Game of Thrones with a fresh tale that touches on familiar yet yet unexpected beats, was also cited by the critics as another good quality, in addition to outstanding performances from every member of the cast.

Fans were worried that House of the Dragon would be a clone of Game of Thrones before its premiere, but Smith reassured them that the series will be able to stand on its own two feet. According to Smith, “We’re trying to develop a program┬áthat’s enjoyable on a number of different levels and, in many ways, has a comparable breadth and ambition as the prior show.” “But since Game of Thrones was so successful at a very specific moment, it is evident that you would never be able to duplicate it. It stood alone as a distinct entity.”