Meditation's Influence on One's Lifestyle
By Laura Lee - December 4, 2022

Meditation is one of those habits that all acknowledge the benefits of, and none can coin as time wasted. Meditation is the process of acknowledging all the thoughts or sensations that one might be experiencing, and then looking to understand that all of these ideas or sensations are neither positive or negative – they are simply occurring in the present moments as objective events void of any attributes.

Getty Images / Moment / Anna Efetova

There have been countless studies conducted on meditation and the many health and lifestyle benefits that it brings along with it. Many studies have concluded that the consistent practice of meditation is very effective at increasing one’s stress tolerance and numbing the mind and body to the small complexities of life that may have otherwise taken over our psyche and ruled over our thoughts for days to come. The individual who practices meditation learns to simply accept that something has happened, and then let it pass into the past like water flows from a river into the ocean.

Apart from obvious mental benefits, there are also great physical benefits of meditation that have been substantiated via various major research studies conducted over the last few decades. For example, one of the most notable physical benefits attributed to the practice of meditation includes improved blood flow circulation alongside a stable heart rate – both of these health markers translate to longer lives.

Furthermore, both of these health markers seek to address another rather pertinent issue prevalent in society today: anxiety, Meditation has been shown to reduce the pressures and intensity of the anxiety faced by individuals who have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or even those individuals who have had to face seasonal rises in anxiety in the past.