Mobile Photography - A New Field of Photography ?!
By admin - October 18, 2020

Photography today is unimaginable without smartphones. The phone was able and mastered the functionality of various devices, which led to its growing popularity.

At first there was talk that the phone had become so convenient and multifunctional that for many it even eliminated the need for a personal computer. Now Jerry has gone into photography as well.

In today’s article you will learn about the importance of mobile photography in the photo industry.

Smartphone VS DSLR

Mobile photography has undoubtedly become a new and quite popular field of photography. In 2016, well-known social media influencers launched a new campaign #MobilePhotography They rejected photos taken with all kinds of DLSR cameras and uploaded their works that were taken with a mobile phone.

The difference between photos taken with a professional camera and pictures taken with a mobile phone is becoming more and more miserable day by day. New technologies allow phone makers to build a fairly powerful photo sensor and lens to get a similar result.

This is why many content creators use their mobile phones to take pictures and then share them on Instagram.