Must-have Apps on Your Phone
By Claire Miles - September 8, 2022

Unfortunately, we spend the majority of our time on our phones. How sad this reality is a completely different story. This article simply highlights some ways to optimize the time we spend on our phones. Ironically, at least 2 of the apps on this list are productivity apps that encourage time spent off the screen and engaging in some work that should be or needs to be done instead. Here are some apps which should certainly be downloaded on our little devices.

SkyView Free: A mesmerizing sky-gazing app that deserves major recognition. This app is a dream come true for astronomy lovers but still manages to enrapture those who are not particularly fond of the art and science of space and stars simply through its beautiful design and haunting music. Simply open the app and your screen will display the heavens in front of your eyes with the names and relevant information of whatever you see. Although the app works indoors as well, however, the real magic comes alive when you point it towards the night sky.

Forest: As promised, a productivity app which encourages some screen free time. Simply set a timer and put your phone to the side. Whether you decide to study or go for a walk in your free time is your decision. When the timer rings, you will see that a plant has grown in the time you did not touch your phone. The plant dies if you log out of the Forest app. The less time you spend on your phone, the lusher your forest grows.

Study Bunny: Ironically, this is another study app where a cute bunny does not let you leave the app due to its sheer adorableness until the timer you set begins ringing. With each complete productivity session, you get coins to spend on your bunny and food to feed your bunny, without which your bunny dies.

HUJI: A camera which produces wonderful pictures with enhanced colors and lighting, alongside the date at the edge. This app gives your pictures a certain old fashioned look which is definitely what your insta feed needs!