NASA Discovery - There is More Water On The Moon Than Previously Thought
By admin - October 26, 2020

NASA announced a few days ago that it would make a significant discovery about the moon at a conference on October 26. This was a discovery made through SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy).

A statement made today revealed that water on the moon is more frequent than previously thought. Scientists first confirmed the existence of water ice on the main in 2018. Now, two new studies show that the lunar surface hides a large number of water glaciers. It is not yet known whether water may be used as a resource on the moon, although its study is important.

This new discovery will help NASA better study the moon and carry out missions to its natural satellite. As part of the Artemis program, the agency will launch humans to the moon by 2024, and it will be a sort of preparatory process for humans to set foot on Mars by 2030. Studying the moon also helps us to learn more about the solar system.

SOFIA is the largest air observatory in the world, it observes objects in the solar system and other parts of the universe with its huge telescope. Due to its location, SOFIA can observe infrared waves and, consequently, see things that are impossible to detect in visible light.