NASA Is Going To Send A Famous Robot Dog To Mars
By admin - December 17, 2020

NASA scientists have an interesting idea. They plan to send Boston Dynamics’ famous robot dog to Mars. A robot dog named Spot is very popular in the community, however, beyond that, it has quite interesting features that will be very useful to move and explore the surface of Mars.

Of course, there is still a long way to go before Spot hits Mars, and scientists plan to use that time to modify the robot. As Live Science reports, the robot dog could also be a good alternative to traditional rovers to explore Mars. It can cover long distances, it is small, convenient and can find interesting places for people on Mars.

At this point, scientists are taking the first steps to implement the idea. They equip the robot with tools that will help it move around the surface of Mars and study it. The prototype robot dog is called the Au-Spot at NASA, and it will be able to explore places inaccessible to rovers on wheels on Mars, faster than them. As we know, a robot can easily get up, if on the surface of the red planet it has a problem moving and falls.

One of the main missions of Au-Spot will be to study the Martian underground and map it. Currently, the robot is being tested in California, in an environment where the Red Planet tunnels are simulated.

Scientists say that this event has the potential to become a prerequisite for revolutionary scientific missions to be carried out on the surface of Mars and its underground.

Recall that Boston Dynamics started selling famous robot dogs a few months ago. Commercial organizations can buy it for 75,000 dollars. The four-legged robot also causes fear in many people. It can move flexibly. We have already seen how he helps doctors in getting COVID-19 patients, how he takes the doors, or shepherds the sheep. And soon we seem to see him in the role of a Mars explorer.