Nearly Half A Billion Users Played Among Us in November
By admin - December 23, 2020

About half a billion people played Among Us in November, the highest score for the company InnerSloth. According to Nielsen’s SuperData, Among Us is “the most popular game in terms of monthly number of players.”

The success is even more remarkable as the InnerSloth company has only four employees. Which means there are about 125 million players per employee. Due to the popularity of the game, the studio decided to stop working on new versions of the game and make every effort to improve the original. The game caught the attention of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, 14th District Congressman of New York.

Occasio-Cortes Among Us toured the Twitch platform and reached 400,000 visitors. It is noteworthy that Alexandria tried to mobilize the votes of young people for the elections in this way and was quite successful.

The fact that Among Us has 500 million players shows that you can get excellent results by creating a free game that works on a variety of devices. According to SuperData, only three percent of the 500 million players played the PC version. By comparison, Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most popular games, selling just 13 million copies this month.

Sure, there is a big difference between the prices of these games (Among Us is free for mobile, while the PC version costs $ 5), but it shows that the audience for mobile games is much higher than other platforms. InnerSloth works to ensure that Among Us does not lose relevance and retain players. The company plans to add new content to the original version, such as an AIRSHIP map with new assignments that will be added early next year.