Neighborhoods - Facebook is testing a new feature for neighbors
By admin - October 23, 2020

Facebook is testing a new, location-based feature that lets you know what’s going on in your neighborhood. TechCrunch writes about this. “With the new feature, you will be able to publish posts that will only be seen by people next door or in your neighborhood,” the article reads.

To make full use of the feature, users will have to share their location on the social network. This way, Facebook will generate a special page that will be targeted only to the neighborhood. You will not even need to add neighbors’ friends to view posts.

“Users are increasingly using Facebook to solve local problems. To simplify this process, we have introduced a new feature called Neighborhoods. It will be a space on the social network for people who want to vote for their neighbors,” said a Facebook spokesman.

Currently, the feature is only being tested in Calgary, Canada. And once the testing is complete, the feature will be available to other users as well.