New Three-tier Coronavirus System Announced For England
By admin - October 13, 2020

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has introduced a new, three-tier system of restrictions on COVID-19. A system that rates COVID-19 spread risks at three levels – high, medium, and very high, Johnson said would allow the country to simplify restrictions on restrictions and avoid full-scale quarantine.

So far, the third level of restrictions has only affected one region, Merseyside. The city of Liverpool is in the Merseyside region. Closed bars and the region is also ready to close gyms, entertainment centers, casinos, and gambling centers.

“We do not want to live like this, but that is the narrow line between the social and economic trauma of full-scale quarantine and the great human and economic consequences of an uncontrolled pandemic.” Said Boris Johnson.

Most regions across the country will remain at the first level of restrictions. Restrictions introduced last month will continue, banning gatherings of more than 6 people and closing bars and restaurants at 10 p.m.

The introduction of second-level restrictions is expected in those regions where local quarantine measures are already in force and these measures will be standardized. It is forbidden to gather groups other than family members indoors and gather more than 6 people in the open space.

The highest third level of restrictions applies to the Merseyside region. In addition to the first and second level restrictions, gatherings of various family and friends in closed and open spaces are prohibited under the third level. Exceptions are public open spaces such as parks for example. This means friends can meet for a walk.

Bars should be closed, however, restaurants will remain open. Residents in third-level restricted zones are advised not to leave the region unnecessarily.

In addition, state and local governments are considering the need for additional restrictions, such as the closure of gyms. However, the additional restrictions do not include the closure of shops, schools, and universities.

According to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, easing restrictions will increase mortality and hurt the economy and the health care system.