New Year, New iPhone
By Alexandra Wade - February 3, 2022

It seems like Apple releases a new iPhone every year and they just keep getting bigger. But is it worth the investment? After all, they just released the iPhone 13 and now there are rumors about the iPhone 14. If you have bought the iPhone 13 then your phone should probably be in good condition, so what do you do when the new one is released? Do you get it or do you continue with your old one?

Getty Images/Getty Images News/Ming Yeung

In September of 2021, Apple released the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 mini. The shiny new smartphone was released after months of speculation and hype. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini came with two major improvements from the iPhone 12. This included adjustments to the camera and more importantly adjustments to the battery life. These incredible battery life improvements were made possible by A15 Bionic. The battery for the iPhone 13 is larger and offers power optimization. But that is not all it also offers all-day battery life. Apart from the great internal and software improvements, the iPhone 13 came in 5 beautiful colors. So how could Apple possibly top themselves if they have already released a great smartphone?

Well, rumors have it that there are some major changes in store with the iPhone 14. Now yes, it’s not the first time that there have been rumors about a new iPhone but it’s not that unrealistic. It is said that the iPhone 14 might have a new design, a durable titanium body, and a new screen size. Fans would be grateful for a new titanium alloy body because it would get rid of the camera bump. So if there was a new iPhone, would you get it? In reality, you don’t really have to especially if your current iPhone works perfectly fine. But if you have the cash it might not seem like a bad idea. You can always trade your current phone in or donate it.