Observations Confirm New Mini-Moon Is 60s-Era Rocket Booster
By admin - December 4, 2020

In September, scientists spotted an object approaching Earth that orbited our planet. It has been dubbed the September 2020 Object (2020 SO). No one knew what it was, however as speculation came to an end and it turned out that Earth’s mini moon was actually the rocket booster of the Surveyor 2 Centaur launched in 1966.

Launched in 1966, Lunar Lander successfully completed its mission, but failed to escape access to the lunar surface.

Observations on the mini-moon showed that it contained a stainless iron compound, which led scientists to believe that the flying object was of human origin. The approach of the little booster was exciting for many, the virtual telescope project launched its approach to Earth live.

Centaur’s booster will be delayed in Earth orbit for a few more months, then return to its previous orbit around the Sun and continue to orbit in space.