Pablo Escobar’s Nephew Finds $18 M Bag Of Cash Hidden In Uncle’s Old House
By admin - October 5, 2020

Pablo Escobar’s nephew, Nicola Escobar, found a bag containing $ 18 million in the wall of one of the drug lord’s houses.

He said his “vision” dictated where to find the money. He found $ 18 million in his home in Medellin.

Nicola Escobar also said this is not the first time he has found hidden money. The reason for this is probably that Pablo Escobar kept his property in many different places.

“Part of the banknotes were very old and no longer used.” He said.

Pablo Escobar was born in Colombia in 1949 and formed the Medellin drug cartel in the 1970s. During the years of its operation, it owned almost 80% of the cocaine imported into America.

In 1991, he was arrested and placed in his own “prison”, which Escobar called a cathedral.

The name of Pablo Escobar is associated with the deaths of up to 4,000 people. He died in 1993 during a clash with police.