Packing in Your Dorm Room
By Ashley Jobrien - May 26, 2023

It’s the end of semester time for many of us. Most of us are struggling to leave behind the memories of our dorm life, the laughter, the sadness that we have all faced together. It is sometimes deeply saddening to see that the room which once was your room, isn’t your room anymore. You just think about how the place that you once called home isn’t your home now? However, the most difficult thing that you have to go through is packing.

Packing your dorm stuff is attached with so much attention. This one room used to be your safe space at one time and now you’re forced to move out and go to another place. You know this is not an ideal situation but at the same time you are excited to meet your family and spend some quality time with them. The comfort of home is another blessing.

To start organizing your dorm, it is essential you invest in sturdy cartons. These cartons will help you sort out stuff which you can use to stock your clothes in. Make sure that your cartons are not moist or damaged as they can not only ruin your clothes but can also damage the contents of your other cartons.

Furthermore, make sure that your dorm room has everything sorted. Start with working everything out. Take notes, start discarding stuff that you think is not needed anymore. If you live nearby, create shifts. Send your luggage once and then send it another time. This will not only reduce the burden but will also help you organize more efficiently. Furthermore, spend effectively. You will be very tempted to spend money on useless organizational stuff but it is important that you choose to spend your money wisely. So just be sure that the future has planned the best for you.