People Recovering From The COVID-19 Tell How Their Lives Have Changed
By admin - October 3, 2020

Behind each case of Corona-virus is a history that does not end with a negative test result. Because the virus is still new, scientists do not know what traces it leaves on the human body in the long run.

“Everything has changed the taste”

“At first I did not even notice that the sense of smell disappeared until it came back to me with all its might and even the slightest odor lingered in my nostrils. The meat did not have any taste. I’ve been eating like a vegetarian for two months now because it’s otherwise unpleasant.”

“6 months have passed and the energy has not returned yet”

“At the end of February, my partner and I were in the waiting room of the hospital. A woman was sitting next to us, coughing terribly. I had never heard such a cough before, but we did not pay much attention. I’m usually symptomatic. I’m usually sick. I’m constantly smoky in my lungs and can not breathe deeply. I could not move or swallow water because of the pain. A week later the cough went away, but my lungs did not fully recover.”

“I needed therapy after the Coronavirus”

“The coronavirus hit me in March. I could not get out of bed for two weeks and I lost 12 kilos. The next week I could not breathe, I had high fevers and could not do anything. I slept 22 hours a day.

After March it was very difficult for me to return to normal. At first I could not even climb the stairs without a heart attack. The muscles ached. I had nightmares at night, or I could not sleep at all. After 12 weeks I suddenly started losing my hair. Even better, it stopped and the hair came out again.

My mental health has worsen. The doctor told me it was all a post-traumatic reaction. I started walking to therapy and walked for an hour every day. It helped me a lot. I feel normal now “

“It does not look like the flu, I have not experienced anything like that”

“I had a coronavirus at the end of July and I had mild symptoms for three weeks: I lost my appetite, lost weight and had difficulty walking at first. I’m young and have no other health problems. Now I’m totally tired (I used to stay awake at first). I just got the final negative answer, but it ‘s already October! Those who need encouraging news will tell you that both my parents have weak immunity (cancer and lupus), but both have defeated the virus.So there is always hope.Please take the coronavirus seriously. “It’s not fun and it does not look like the flu. I have not experienced anything like that.”

“Many people do not talk about hair loss”

“The coronavirus infected both of my parents in March. A few months later, my mother told at the salon that her hair was falling and they told her that many clients were complaining about hair loss after Coronavirus.

I was living with my parents at the time and I had no symptoms other than coughing. My parents were very ill. I have never seen my father cry before. he was crying because he could not breathe…

Five months have passed and my mother’s sense of smell and taste has not returned yet. My father feels 100% the same as before”