Pete Bull, Taken From The Shelter, Thinks He Is A Cat
By admin - October 18, 2020

Dogs are very social creatures and love to take an active part in everything. At the same time, they easily master everything and get used to any place.

Pete Bull, named Mako, is a clear example of this, but a little differently.

When Bethany and Samantha Castile picked her up from the shelter, they wondered if a 2-year-old dog would be able to get used to their cats.

“At first, we moved the cats to a separate part of the house because we wanted to slowly introduce them to a new dog,” says Bethany. It was full of energy. “

As it turned out, Bethany and Samantha had nothing to worry about. It was probably very familiar to Mako to be surrounded by cats. So familiar that he thinks he is one of them!

Like most of the animals taken from the shelter, Mako himself chose a new family.

“When we got to the shelter, Mako looked at us from above and rolled his eyes at us. From that moment on, we fell in love with this little boy,” says Bethany.