Plan Your Next Trip To Singapore
By Claire Miles - May 22, 2022

Singapore is one of Asia’s fastest-growing cities. After the country;’s independence from its neighbor Malaysia, Singapore has made remarkable strides in development. The country is only host to one city, which is also the country! This means limited space for residential and commercial activities. As a result, Singapore has made many unique inventions to utilize its length and make the best out of it. There are endless opportunities for tourists to immerse themselves in!

Getty Images/Moment/fiftymm99

While in Singapore, the must-visit tourist destinations are the Marina Gardens by the Bay. Make sure to stop by there, smell the many varieties of flowers that grow there, and click countless pictures so you can treasure these moments and beautiful scenery for years to come. Another popular tourist destination is Traipse around Jewel Changi Airport. It is home to the tallest indoor waterfall globally, standing at 40 meters tall. There are various dining options inside as well, including international joints and local restaurant outlets, along with many shops. There is also a Pokemon shop located here, which is the first Pokemon shop to open outside of Japan.

Other attractions in Singapore include the Singapore Zoo, which is the first of the many zoos in the world to incorporate the open zoo concept. You will have a chance to immerse yourself in the wild and get to see over 300 species of animals. Another popular tourist attraction is Sentosa Island. It is filled with adventurous things to do, including four thrilling luge tracks. Each of these tracks has unique hairpin corners, underground tunnels, and downhill slopes. You need at least one whole day to make the most out of all the adventures that Sentosa has to offer. Do remember that your trip to Singapore will be incomplete without a trip to Sentosa Island.