Police Dog In Australia Befriends Pair Of Dolphins He Spots Swimming In River
By admin - December 11, 2020

Unexpected friendships of animals are the best cases of friendship, and a police dog and two dolphins were added to their list.

Yesterday, December 9, Western Australian police posted a video on their Facebook page in which a police dog, Mako, played with a pair of curious dolphins by the river before Tsuga snatched them from above.

Mako watches the dolphins in the water and follows their movements. Mako Sabel is holding a police officer and his laughter can be heard in the background of the video:

It seems that policeman dogo would happily jump into the water and so face the dolphins so that collar would not catch him.

The video on Facebook already has more than 2000 likes in one day. His description read: “Watch this heartbreaking meeting between Officer Mako and the curious dolphins of the Swan River.”