Positive Impact of Sports on Mental Health
By Andrew Parker - June 17, 2022

There has always been an emphasis on how physical activity helps an individual to stay physically fit, but what hasn’t been talked about enough is how playing sports can impact our mental health. Playing sports positively impacts mental health as physical activity leads to a number of chemical processes in the brain. When our bodies are physically active our brain releases certain chemicals which tend to make us happier and feel better about ourselves. Often in sports, for instance in basketball, when you are able to score a goal which makes your team win, or when in cricket you hit a six, they lead to boosting your self-confidence and you do end up feeling better about yourself.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/The Good Brigade

Moreover, when you are playing a sport, you get distracted from the things that are stressing you. While you are playing sports, you ignore your negative thoughts because you are focused on the sport itself and this gives you a temporary break from thinking about all the stressful things in your life. The release of endorphins due to the physical activity of the body leads your body to be involved in physical activity such as playing sports certain chemical processes in the brain lead to the release of hormones such as endorphins which are capable of boosting your mood.

The release of endorphins helps an individual in releasing stress and feeling better about themselves. Playing a sport also helps in getting better sleep, the chances that you will sleep on time, and will get deep sleep increases. Having a decent sleep schedule is essential for good mental health, as a lot of mental health problems are associated with sleep deprivation. In recent years a lot of people, primarily teenagers, prefer to spend a lot more time playing video games and using their phones rather than playing sports. It is imperative to focus on how not playing sports can potentially impact their bodies not only physically but also mentally.